Color differences in wooden floors

Color differences

A risc that is lurking invariably with a wooden floor: color differences. These differences may occur. And this is where the big advantage of wood, which can be treated endlessly, be a disadvantage. De Berg Wooden Floors would love to see how we can limit these differences to a minimum for you.

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Causes of color difference

Color differences can have different causes; a mixture of treatments, a high intensity of floor usage, sunlight, maintenance oil, maintenance soap or humidity.

Mixture of treatments

A wooden floor can be finished in many different ways, depending on the wanted end result.

  • Smoke
  • Brush
  • Age
  • Oils
  • Lacquer

As a result of the treatment your floor can have a small difference in color compared to the showed colors in the showroom.

High intensity usage of the floor, sunlight and maintenance oil and soap.

A well finished and maintained floor can be used intesively without any issues. However, over time it’s possible that small color differences arrise. This can be a result due to the heavy use, sunlight of the usage of maintenance oil and soap.


Wood lives. Which means that wood stretches and shrinks. When the humidity in a room is not under control for a long period of time it can cause irreparable damage to the floor. You can prevent this with a humidifier. Even in spaces with an airconditioning unit the humidity can be off balance.

Wooden floors in Amsterdam

Despite the small color differences that can arrise during finishing, we would love to show you our color palette in our showroom. Our showroom is in the centre of Amsterdam, located on the Bellamystraat. You can make an appointment and have a look around. If you have any questions or need advice we will be there for you.

Please make an appointment before visiting. We also install floors so we are not always present in our showroom.

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