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Laminated parquet

Parquet flooring is very versatile and can be barely distinguished from solid wood floorboards. That’s because the top layer consists of solid wood. Because of this layered construction of parquet it’s very sustainable, strong and suitable for underfloor heating. The parquet floors are available with different kind of wooden top layers in beautiful colors.

Layered wood

Parquet is a wooden floor that consists of multiple layers. The top layer, also known as the visible side or wear layer, consists of solid wood, varying in thickness (0,5 – 3 mm). This solid wood often comes from the same trees which make the colors of a parquet floor well coordinated. The base coat or underside is made of crosswide glued birch wood, poplar or pinewood. The layers are glued together and are compressed under high pressure. The top layer is finished with oil.

Parquetboard vs. Engineered board

Parquet floors consists of multiple layers just like engineered wood. Yet they are not the same. Parquet has a solid wooden top layer which ranges from 0,5 to 3 mm in thickness. This top layer is glued on to 3 layers crosswide glued birch wood, poplar or pinewood which is 5 to 10 mm in thickness. An engineered board has a solid wood top layer, varying from 3 to 6 mm in thickness. This top layer is glued on to a multiplex board, mostly made out of birch wood, varying from 12 to 20 mm in thickness. The multiplex board consists of multiple layers of crosswide glued wood, which makes the board very stable.

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Working wood

Parquet consists of three layers of wood. These layers are crosswide glued onto each other; the top and bottom layer longitudinally and the middle layer in width direction. Because of the crosswide glue, the wood doesn’t get the chance to ‘work’. Therefore the floor doesn’t shrink or expand during changing humidity levels.

Big surfaces

Because parquet doesn’t ‘work’ that much it’s excellent to be put in bigger spaces. Whereas a solid raised floor with a width of 6 meters is at its maximum, a parquet floor can be easily put in spaces which are much wider. Another big plus of a parquet floor is that it’s sound reducing. A sound reduction up to 7 dB can be achieved, which makes parquet qualified for appartments which have a noise standard or for bigger public spaces.

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Glue or click system

Parquet is available in two types: the glue system or the click system. Most parquet floors are installed with glue. The boards have a tongue and groove connection. The seam glue is sprayed in this connection and the parts are being put together next. Parquet with a click system have a different connection which doesn’t require glue when installing the floor. The grooves fall into place just like with click flooring. The advantage of this that after a period of time it can be disassembled and can be moved to a different place. With a glued parquet floor this is not possible.

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