Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Psychiatrist Vikor Frankl called it “making a contribution …” as a condition for the meaning of our existence.

The people behind De Berg Wooden Floors BV (DBWF) want to make a contribution. In our case making a contribution to the integration, education and learning paths of refugees with a residence status.

DBWF delivers beautiful wooden floors which are installed by professionals and if the client agrees these professionals are being assisted by a student from abovementioned course.

DBWF can not do this alone. The team from the Entry of the municipality of Amsterdam selects highly motivated candidates and the ROC (school) takes care of the right education program. We are a recognized training company by the government and take care of the practical aspect.

My old tropical hardwoodfloors getting a second chance: after being sanded and olied it lookes brand new again (and stunning). Very professional, expertly, trustworthy and pleasant. I am happy.

Jeanie Schulte Nordholt

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It’s really fantastic to help new Dutch citizins in this way to find their place into our society.

Besides this Social Corporate Responsiblity means that the customer is completely satisfied with the end result which entails a clear coordination about the wishes, expectations and possibilities and … that we seriously handle any possible complaint.

In our organisation we think it’s important that every voice counts! Within this belief we let us guid by the Principles of Ricardo Semler (SemcoStyle).

It goes without saying that we will do anything we can to get our natural resources from companies that handle nature with the utmost care. Which means that with selective logging there will be replaning and that the process is being controlled (FSC and PEFC).

As an organisation we are also being trained to get the needed support in achieving abovementioned goals. This is being done by Dorien Witte from the Connection-Company