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Chevron floor

With a chevron floor you are getting something special. It’s a floor with a pattern that has a certain look and feel that fits within a classical, but also within a modern interior. The old oak wooden floorparts that are put into the shape of a point give the room an extra dimension. The boards that are being used with a chevron floor can be placed in different lengths and thicknesses. It’s also a possibility to choose for a classic band or bies around the floor, which frames the chevron floor.

Origin chevron floor

Herringbone floors go way back in time and can be find in many mansions, castles and palaces since the 15th century. The very first herringbone floors can be found in Italy. After this, they spread through France. In the 16th century the chevron floor made it’s entry, which is the Hongarian version of the classical herringbone floor. Why this version was created and the reason for its name (Hongarian point) is not clear, especially because it’s being suspected that the chevron floor also originates from Italy.

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Herringbone vs. Chevron

Both parquet floors are composed of pieces of wood that have the same size and are being installed synchronously in a zig zag pattern. The difference between the chevron and herringbone floor is the style of laying. With anherringbone floor the boards are in a right angle and alternately. With a chevron floor the boards are sawn for a mitre joint and are in a sharp point of 45 to 60 degrees. This leads to a different look and feel. An herringbone floor has a woven effect. With the chevron floor the sawn for a mitre joint boards form points which shape the foor.

Chevron floor and underfloor heating

The chevron floor can be combined with underfloor heating. For a traditional parquet we use oak mosaic sublfoor for a perfect conduction of warmth and to minimise and reduce the ‘work’ for the floor.

In general hard woods like oak, merbau, nuts and afzelia are most suitable for underfloor heating. The skinnier the chevron floor, the more warmth or heat it lets through. In technical terms this is defined as heat resistance, the so called R-value (this can be max. 0,14 m2 K/W). We would gladly advice you about which floor, combined with underfloor heating, is best suitable for your personal situation.

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Chevron floor and the finish

Like many wooden floors from us, you also have many possibilites regarding wood, finish and colors. A trend that we see often with a chevron floor is that it’s being painted white in modern interiors. Of course a classical look made of lacquered or oiled wood is also an option. The chevron floor is also suitable to be continued in the hallway. And because the chevron floor consists of strips it can be easily installed tightly against the wall.