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Engineered wooden floors

Are you looking for a robust floor which can take a beating? Would you like to combine a wooden floor with underfloor heating? An engineered wooden floor would be excellent for you. At first sight an engineered floor is indistinguishable from a solid wooden floor. It has the same look and feel but offers more advantages with regard to underfloor heating, soundreduction and the placement in big surfaces.

What is an engineered floor?

An engineered floor is a composed floor. The floorboards consist of a thin layer of oak which vary in thickness from 3 – 6 mm, glued onto a layer of usually birch wood.

Bedause of this thick layer of plywood the floor is very stable and the chances are slim that the floor will ‘work’, unlike solid oak floors. Furthermore an engineered board weighs more than a parquetboard. Which causes the board to be more stable onto the ground and is therefore more suitable for big surfaces.

Very pleased with the result! The team worked really hard to install 200 m2 of floorboards across 4 floors within the tight schedule.

Laurens Sliepenbeek

Completely focuses on delivering a great result, flexible, great price and likeable. The floor turned out great.

Peter A.

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Long lifespan

Thanks to the thick top layer of the engineered floor it’s long lasting and has a long life span. You can sand the floor more often than for example a parquet floor. The general rule for the lifespan of an engineered floor is 7 to 10 years per milimeter. Every abrading you lose around one milimeter. Plus a wooden floor is approximately sanded once every 7 to 10 years, which means an engineered floor with a toplayer of 3 mm in thickness will last for around 21 to 30 years. The exact lifespan of a wooden floor depends on the quality of the wood as well.

Sound reducing

A lot of people are afraid to have a wooden floor while living in an apartment. It would cause a lot of noise pollution for the downstairs neighbours. Which isn’t necessarily the case. An engineered floor is known for it’s noise reducing effect. In most cases the floor is being glued onto special TNO- or TÜV-certificied underfloors (Redupanel and Jumpax CP) which can reduce the sound up to 14 dB. If you are hesitating about getting a wooden floor for your apartment, make an appointment with us in our showroom and we will look together at all the possibilities.

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Suitable for underfloor heating

Underfloor heating provides a uniform temperature and a cosy warmth throughout your home. An engineered floor can be greatly combined with underfloor heating. In fact, because wood can hold on to heat longer it will make sure your home has a constant and pleasant temperature. Especially engineered floors are suitable for underfloor heating. Underfloor heating causes changes in temperature which enhances the functioning of the wood. The crosswide glued plywood underlayer makes sure the underlayer will function to its optimum and limits the wearing.

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